This is OpenGL at its finest.
This is better than GLUT.

FreeGLUT started out as a GLUT clone, but now it's something much better than that. It's a GLUT replacement. Here are the features you have wanted -- and if you have ideas for more, share them (see below), or fork our github repository and implement them! FreeGLUT is under continuous development. Currently, work on 3.0 is in full swing. See here for the list of work that is still to be done.

Everyone can help

Free software projects depend on the community around them for their growth. It's by contributions that truly wonderful pieces of open and free software come to be. Contributions can be nearly anything. The point is involvement!


But simply, become involved! The project is not just software, it's the people that contribute, too.

FreeGLUT 3.0

Click here for an overview of the major work, its status and planned milestones for FreeGLUT 3.0 and beyond. Help on any of these plans, as well as suggestions and/or patches for anything else are very welcome!

Go to SourceForge and...
Anonymous SVN Access

To check out the most up to date development copy of freeglut, issue the following commands at your command line. See also SourceForge's Anonymous SVN Instructions.

svn co freeglut